Our Team

From the moment you walk through the doors at Pure Hot Yoga our team of passionate yoga teachers will nurture you. Team Pure Hot Yoga will guide you through your daily yoga practice, ensuring every Pure Hot Yoga session leaves you feeling completely blissed.


I stumbled by yoga some 18 years ago, it was love at first sight.  I teach, I practice and I learn, I love to share, I love to create! Yoga is my path as well as a few building projects along the way;) I’m a creator, I’m all about balance on and off the mat, I enjoy a glass of wine, I love chocolate and anything sweet, chef by trade I don’t mind playing in the kitchen but now days prefer to be cooked for! I am a keeper of two beautiful Bengal fur babies and I LOVE getting out in nature, it grounds me! I’m a Virgo Dragon baby. I encourage my students to enjoy the journey of yoga rather than focus on the destination. I believe, as a teacher we learn as much from our students as our students learn from us.



A bit about me

I’m a yoga lover, beach admirer, homeopath, mum and fun seeker.

I’m a mum to a small child and grey cat.

I’m passionate about guiding people towards a happier and healthier life.

I love a chai and a chat.


Yoga nerd! I love teaching yoga, practicing, reading about and even watching. Even my cat comes from a fellow yoga teacher. I’m a mum of a teenager, enjoy Cricket and Footy and have with that mastered integration.  Since my heath scare I eat very healthy and often test food against my body. When my body doesn’t like something, I put it back into the shelf. I’d even go as far as saying I wouldn’t be here without yoga.



Teaching yoga is so much more than work, it’s home. sharing this is my joy. life is better with your hands on the ground and feet in the air. i wish I had a pet pig. i love cuddles in bed with my dog in the morning, and i love how he is always happy when i come home. kindness is a precious commodity. summer is the BEST! feeding my family and friends tasty vegan treats makes me happy. holidays in warm places + deck chairs by the pool=heaven. yoga asana is a daily event, if i don’t practice something feels missing.


Yoga is my chosen path to a fulfilling, harmonious and peaceful life.  I’ve been practicing for 20 years now through pregnancies, post pregnancy, raising beautiful boys and now riding the waves of lifes changes and transitions as I approach 50.  It continues to be a privilege to serve the community through my own learning, assimilation and teaching of this great practice.  Self-enquiry and the desire to grow in love and understanding fuels and inspires my classes which are creative, uplifting, fluid and grounding.



On and off the mat I like to have a laugh, smile lots, fall out of a pose and jump back up again. To me yoga is a playground to find your inner playfulness. Teaching yoga allows me to help others find their inner calm with a smile. My teachings have guided me to discover more and more about the practice of yin. There is always more to discover and weave into my teachings.



Yoga teacher, traveler, creator of crafty things, risk taker, cat lover, adventurer, 5Rythems, open floor and hoop dancer, and most of all, lover of life!
Three of my favorite affirmations right now:
‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’
‘If not now then when?’
‘Yogasta kuru kamani’ (establish yourself in the present moment and then take action)
My life’s purpose:
To surrender and have faith in a higher power… or in other words, not to take life too seriously, to laugh, have fun, practice yoga and spread joy and love!
May all beings be happy, healthy, and free.
See you on the mat


I’m a mother of two beautiful children, yoga teacher, and occupational therapist specialising in chronic pain management. I love to travel and have previously set up a volunteer therapy service in Nicaragua which included teaching yoga to the local women. It was while I was doing this that I was given a scholarship to complete my yoga teacher training in Guatemala. I love the benefits of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of yoga in maintaining overall health and well-being, and feel privileged to be able to share this knowledge and learning with others.


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