Our Team

From the moment you walk through the doors at Pure Hot Yoga our team of passionate yoga teachers will nurture you. Team Pure Hot Yoga will guide you through your daily hot yoga practice, ensuring every Pure Hot Yoga session leaves you feeling completely blissed.


Pure Hot Yoga- Power Vinyasa

Shannon teaches Pure Hot Yoga (Power vinyasa) where she draws inspiration from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, and various vinyasa yoga styles, Shannon is especially grateful to her teachers and influences and the lineage of Krishnamacharya.

Shannon enjoys guiding students through Pure hot yoga classes that combine tradition with a modern approach. She aspires to make classes fun, accessible and authentic, with a focus on creating a safe and effective hot yoga practice, where students can connect to themselves, calm the mind, energise and strengthen the body, and create space for increased energy, peace and awareness to flow.


Pure Hot Yoga- B Series (Barkan Method)

Cindy became interested in yoga after noticing that days where she practised yoga were better than those that she didn’t!

She enjoys the movement, the music, the breath, as well the curiosity of what the body can do and lastly the peace it delivers.
The holistic improvements that Pure Hot Yoga (B Series) delivers appeals to her life philosophy.

After a committed personal practice, Cindy completed the Barkan method of hot yoga teacher training so she could share her passion and enthusiasm for hot yoga with others.


Pure Hot Yoga-  Power Vinyasa

Natja started practicing Yoga in 2004 with a classical Ashtanga class on a regular basis. After moving to Australia in 2007 she realised that Yoga is so much more. Natja graduated in July 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Yoga Academy. She loves exploring different styles which influence her practice and teaching.

Her classes are holistic including breath work, chanting, warm-ups, Vinyasa (flowing postures), body awareness in holding asana (postures), relaxation, meditation and smiling.

Natja follows the path of Yoga with great passion and teaches the student at Pure Hot Yoga to nourish the whole mind body connection.


Pure Hot Yoga- Power Vinyasa
Pure Hot Yoga- Yin

Melody’s first taste into the area of wellness began in the 70’s, since then she has engaged in this ever expansive life path encompassing hot yoga and other healing modalities.

It’s Melody’s deep belief that hot yoga is a holistic, therapeutic vehicle that can lead to a deep inner piece providing knowledge and awareness of the physical, spiritual and emotional self.

As a teacher at Pure hot yoga, it’s Melody’s key motivation to be of service to all her yoga students and to generously and passionately share her knowledge as her mentors have done for her; to encourage and inspire through example.


Pure Hot Yoga- (Original Series)
Pure Hot Yoga- A Series (Absolute Yoga)

Kate’s passion for the fitness industry began 15 years ago. Since then Kate turned her passion into a reality and has enjoyed many years helping people achieve their health & wellbeing goals. Kate stumbled by hot yoga some 12 years ago where she fell in love with this amazing practice.  What started as a physical adventure quickly became so much more. Dedicated hot yoga practicioner now teacher, Kate enjoys sharing her experiences with her students on a daily basis. She encourages students to enjoy the journey Pure hot yoga has to offer. She believes that as teachers we learn as much from our students as our students learn from us.



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