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Pure Hot Yoga, Knoxfield

Pure Hot Yoga services Knoxfield residents and is conveniently located in the heart of Bayswater at 1/753 Mountain Hwy.  Just a short  drive down Bayswater road will have you at the studio in under 10 minutes.

Pure Hot Yoga is the premier hot yoga studio near Knoxfield. Yoga enthusiasts from the Knoxfield community have been turning their worlds around and finding their yoga bliss with us at Pure Hot Yoga Bayswater since 2011.

Pure Hot Yoga is the first studio near Knoxfield to offer 5 different Hot Yoga styles. We are the proud teachers of:

Pure Hot Yoga (Original Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (A Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (B Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (Power Vinyasa)
Pure Hot Yoga (Yin)
Pure Hot Yoga (Slow Flow)

Pure Hot Yoga was the first to bring the Original hot yoga Series to Knoxfield. Pure Hot Yoga Original series is transforming the residents of Knoxfield with this calorie burning sequence of 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises based on the series popularized by Bikram Choudury and Bikram Yoga.

Pure Hot Yoga Original series is a beautiful mind / body experience for the people of Knoxfield.

Pure Hot Yoga was the first hot yoga studio to introduce to the residents of Knoxfield the Absolute Hot Yoga Series, and were amongst the first in Melbourne to try the transforming Absolute Hot Yoga Series. Known as Pure Hot Yoga – A Series. The series includes postures for hip opening, core toning and upper body strengthening poses and caters for all fitness levels and ages for the community of Knoxfield.

Pure Hot Yoga is the only studio near Knoxfield to offer the Barkan method. The residents of Knoxfield will know the Barkan Method as Pure Hot Yoga

B Series. The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga. The Barkan method finds its roots from a lineage in Calcutta but also integrates postures from other styles of yoga to create variations and even greater range of movement.

The Knoxfield community can also enjoy Pure Hot Yoga – Power Vinyasa. Pure Hot yoga Power Vinyasa is a fluid like yoga class emphasizing muscle strength, flexibility & total core conditioning. Suitable for Beginner to advanced yoga students, we will guide you through this rejuvenating practice, which will in turn helping the Knoxfield people sculpt those problem areas and drop those unwanted kilos.

Pure Hot Yoga also brings Yin yoga to the Knoxfield residents. Pure Hot Yoga Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for comparatively long periods of time, sometimes up to five minutes per posture, to allow muscle fascia release.

The residents of Knoxfield love Pure Hot Yoga Slow Flow. Pure Hot Yoga Slow Flow is a Vinyasa Flow, slowed down to focus on proper alignment and positioning, with deeper attention being paid to the foundation of your yoga practice and alignment.

Pure Hot Yoga into offer for Knoxfield residents

Knoxfield residents should mention “Knoxfield Pure Hot Yoga Deal” to receive our intro offer of $25 for 14 days of unlimited yoga.


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