Montrose Yoga

Pure Hot Yoga, Montrose

Pure Hot Yoga offers Hot Yoga to the Montrose residents.  Pure Hot Yoga is the leading Hot Yoga studio near Montrose.  The Yoga community of Montrose have fallen in love with Pure Hot yoga’s friendly and accessible approach to Hot Yoga.

Pure Hot Yoga is conveniently located just 7 minutes drive from the heart of Montrose at 1/753 Mountain Hwy., Bayswater.

Pure Hot Yoga offers Montrose 6 different yoga styles with many amazing teachers:

Pure Hot Yoga (Original Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (A Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (B Series)
Pure Hot Yoga (Power Vinyasa)
Pure Hot Yoga (Yin)
Pure Hot Yoga (Slow Flow)

Pure Hot Yoga was the first yoga studio to bring the original hot yoga series to Montrose. Pure Hot Yoga Original Series draws its roots from the Bikram series of postures. Pure Hot Yoga is the number one hot yoga studio in Melbourne and as such is the first in Australia to offer the Absolute Yoga Series to Montrose. The Absolute Hot Yoga Series is also based on the Bikram Yoga postures however has additional postures for hip opening and freedom to mix it up with a base 50 posture selection.

Pure Hot Yoga also brings Yin Yoga to Montrose. Pure Hot Yoga Yin gives the yogis and yoginis of Montrose a chance to stretch like never before. Explore the muscle fascia release of Yin Yoga… bringing about pure balance to your body and mind.
Pure Hot Yoga also has the best Vinyasa style classes in the Montrose area. Pure Hot Yoga Power Vinyasa will help you lose those extra kilos as well as sculpt the muscles and works on core strength.

The Montrose Yoga community is also able to enjoy the Barkan method. At Pure Hot Yoga the Barkan method is known as Pure Hot Yoga (B Series)

Deals for the Hot Yoga Community Montrose

New Students who come into Pure Hot Yoga and mention “ Montrose Yoga” will receive Pure Hot Yoga’s intro offer for newbies.


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