Bikram Yoga

What is Bikram Yoga?

Unlike anything you’ve experienced! Performed in a heated room, Bikram Yoga transforms your body by supplying fresh oxygen, allowing for peak performance!


Bikram Yoga Poses

With over 26 poses, Bikram yoga is a not only a varied practice; it’s a rewarding one!

Pranayama Breathing:
Half Moon
Awkward Pose
Standing Head to Knee
Standing Bow
Balancing Stick
Separate Leg Stretching
Standing Separated Leg Head to Knee
Tree Pose
Toe Stand
Floor Poses
Wind Removing Pose
Cobra Pose
Locust Pose
Full Locust Pose
Bow Pose
Fixed Firm
Half Tortoise
Head to Knee with Stretching
Spine Twisting
Kapalbhati Breathing

Benefits of Bikram Yoga?

There is no reason not to practice Bikram yoga! You’ll look better, feel better and be left with a greater understanding of yourself. Anyone can experience the wonderful benefits that Bikram yoga provides:

  • Increased Strength

Be stronger and more flexible.
Bikram yoga opens your joints, strengthens your bones and muscles and leaves you looking more toned and flexible than ever!

  • Increased Energy

Get more out of your day.
Tackle each day with more vitality as a result of increasing your lung capacity from performing in a heated room.

  • Healing Power

Heal faster.
Your cuts and bruises will heal faster as new blood is pumped into your muscles and joints!

  • Complete Body Detox

Your natural detox
Harmful toxins be gone! Detoxify your body as you move and stretch in the room’s increased temperature!

Bikram Yoga Weight Loss

It’s no secret; Bikram yoga is an excellent practice that has proven to burn fat and tone your body.

  • Speeds up Metabolism

No more unnecessary cravings! Bikram improves your digestive system and metabolic rate.

  • Feel Instant Results

Feel the kilos fall off! You’ll burn 500 to 1000 calories a session. More if you practice regularly!

  • Healthy Complexion

Look radiant! As you sweat, your pores open and clear out meaning your face will be left with a glowing complexion


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