Body Harmony Sacred Energy Workshop

SOLD OUT>>>>>>>>>>TUESDAY JUNE 11 | 7-9PM | $45 pp

MONDAY JUNE 10th | 7-9pm – BOOK HERE


Join Suzie for this  2hr workshop with powerful but simple techniques, where you can feel at one with yourself and each other, connecting on all levels to feel uplifted and energised.

Experience how powerful you are, with the thoughts you think and how you create the situations that influence your body in positive and negative ways.

Surrender and find peace within the spirit of your soul, by being aware of how your receiving centres can open and eliminate the stress and disharmony in your body.

Slow down the ageing process by learning how to regenerate and rejuvenate the body from a cellular level, through the Tibetan 5 Rites, Meditation and vibrational sounds.

Unblock and recharge by tracing your meridian channels through simple self help massage techniques.

Learn how to strengthen, protect and bring more light into your Auric bodies through sacred essences and symbols.

To complete the workshop you will journey into a full body relaxation and guided imagery, to enable you to meet with your spirit totems, guides or angels while listening to the healing resonances of the quartz crystal bowls.