Explore the World of Being Up-side Down w/ Amy Coghlan

SUNDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2019 | 11:30AM- 2PM | $60 | BOOK HERE

Join Amy Coghlan for 2.5 hours of opportunity, education and of course asana to explore the world of being up-side down. This workshop will entail:
+ an overview of the drills necessary to warm & prepare the entire core for inversions
+ education of the shoulder girdle to advance your knowledge of standing on the hands/forearms
+ learn how to connect to your line of power EVERY single yoga class
+ move away from outdated movement habits, cues & thinking patterns
+ get on your hands! Whether it’s through table top, plank, crow or handstand, there are so many benefits to weight-bearing on all FOUR limbs, come play.
+ specifically handstand and forearm stand (No headstands)
This workshop is accessible for all levels + ages. ZERO pressure to invert, there will be so much education and reward without the need to ever actually handstand.
Who is this for?
+ those looking to advance their asana
+ a wide audience ie yoga practitioners, athletes, post-partum or anyone breathing
+ student intrigued about how their body moves in space in all ways
You’ll walk away with:
+ Improve your posture and knowledge of your own body
+ Learn to move in life with optimal movement patterns therefore optimal performance
+ Begin your path of inversions through education and embodiment of meaningful alignment
+ Improve an already existing inversion practice