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INTERNATIONAL TEACHER ALERT!!! Constructing a Yoga Practice with Joan Hyman / Weekend Workshop Series / April 27&28 2024

Pure Hot Yoga is humbled to host one of the most inspiring yoga teachers of the decade. Join Joan Hyman as she weaves her magic on the mat in this not to be missed weekend of learning, growing and connecting for students and teachers. Four inspiring workshops over 2 days!

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Constructing a Practice

A vinyasa flow practice is defined as “to place in a special way”. To construct a yoga practice means to consciously organize postures in a sequential matter that yokes the mind to the body through the vehicle of our breath. Join Joan Hyman, a senior yoga teacher and creator of The School of Yoga, for a weekend of asana practice that integrates our subtle body and can teach you the foundations of creating a sustainable  yoga practice. 

Saturday 11am – 1:30pm – Standing on our feet

Our feet are our foundation. The way we stand on our feet affects our whole entire body including our energy level. If we are balanced and even on our feet, what is above will feel centered and aligned. If our foundation is misaligned, it’s hard to feel our center and we might feel tired and sluggish. In this workshop we will look at basic principles like rooting and rebounding, which creates space in the joints, and how to return to our center in our practice.  We will explore many different postures including standing poses to teach us to draw energy up through our legs by grounding down through our feet. This workshop is open to all levels and will focus on foundations. 

Break 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Saturday 2:30pm – 5pm – Standing on our hands

Arm balances can be fun and playful and can teach us courage. It’s not natural to stand on our hands the way it is on own two feet. In this workshop, Joan will explain why we practice arm balances and explore their heightened benefits of  lifting energy upwards and helping us find our energetic locks called bandhas. We will explore finding balance on our hands in handstands before taking flight in arm balances helping us to build confidence. Some experience in practice is required for this workshop, however, bring an open mind and a playful spirit! 

Sunday 11am – 1:30pm –  The journey along our spine

Our spine is the foundation and the midline of our bodies. It connects us to our center and when it’s balanced energy can flow in an optimal way creating lightness and ease. In this workshop, Joan will look at the basic anatomy of our spine explaining what a healthy balanced spine ideally should look like before we explore asanas that twist and extend the spine to free up the vital energy that runs through it. This practice will leave you feeling energized and transformed and help you gain an understanding of why we practice yoga! 

Break 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Sunday2:30pm – 5pm – From resistance to surrender / opening our hips

Our hips are the fulcrum point of our bodies where all movement happens from. If you are an athlete, sit at a desk, or would like to sit in meditation longer, this workshop will guide you on an exploration towards freeing up tension in your hips. There are four quadrants of our hips, the front, back, and two sides known as our outer hips. We will warm up with a vinyasa flow series based around externally rotated standing postures before moving into a variety of seated postures to help you move through resistance and surrender to a peaceful seat for meditation.  All levels welcome! 

Where: Pure Hot Yoga Bayswater at 1/753 Mountain Highway Bayswater ,Victoria, Australia

When: Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April 2024

Time: Morning Session 11:30am – 1:30pm / Break 1:30pm- 2:30pm / Afternoon Session 2:30pm – 5pm

Investment: $75 one workshop / $140 two workshops / $270 all four workshops *10% Earlybird discount until January 31st 2024 **limited early bird tickets, available until sold out!

What to bring: a yoga mat, blocks, straps, bolster if you have them as we will be using a lot of props *we have these to borrow also / a water bottle *NO GLASS ALLOWED / a full size towel / lunch if you are staying for a double session *there are plenty of places along the strip for food options as well *please note we do not allow food in the studio

Catering: we will touch base closer to the time for those booking 2 sessions in a day there will be a catering option available / fresh fruit, vegetable crudity, vegan Californian rolls, nuts etc.

Contact: Kate via email at for any additional questions, comments and information.


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