The Dive Deep Yin Yoga Weekend with MYSAN | For Students & Teachers

Educational, Motivational, Inspiring & Cleansing!


11:15AM- 2:45PM BOTH DAYS – 3HR Educational WORKSHOP


$119 ($105 early bird until 31/8 ) / single session / Saturday or Sunday  / 11:15 – 2:45pm *15mins break time

$220 ($210 early bird until 31/8 ) / both sessions / Saturday & Sunday / 11:15 – 2:45pm *15mins break time

Do one or both sessions, but the two days brought together make a wonderful whole!


There is no such thing as a silver bullet for optimal health, but different modalities, ways and techniques combined provide an opportunity towards optimal health. Three amazing systems to work with are the lymphatic , the respiratory and the deep fascia systems.

When we have the lymphatic system and the respiratory system vibrating in harmony, and we add the deep and profound practice of Yin yoga for the deeper fascia tissues, we gain a superpower that aids the body towards homeostasis, optimal health and to live life fully!

The lymphatic system practices will clear, cleanse and detoxify. Only when we are free of toxins can nutrition be efficiently taken up. We add the correct ways of breathing and the detoxification continues. We also gain blood flow, energy and the most powerful recipe and mix of the respiratory bio gases coming together to support us. The Yin yoga practice will move water deeply to your innermost cells and assist the other systems in free flow towards that optimal health and wellbeing.


1.5 hour Lymph meets Yin info chat and techniques, Q&A 1/.5 hour Yin practice to put what we have learnt/ discussed into practice


Toxins, pathogens and pollution have their ways of finding us, permeating into our amazing body and at times, putting a stop to our stride in life. Sometimes we don’t even know it, we find ourselves in some sort of ill health, illness, joint issues, pain, hormonal imbalance, a foggy mind and it is not until later we realise that we were somehow toxic. Giving our wonderful body a helping hand in being balanced at optimal health is easy, when we know how.

In this workshop we will learn some powerful lymph practices to use daily – don’t worry, they only take a few moments and will fit right into your life flow. We will gain a deeper understanding about the lymphatic system and why it’s important for us to have free flow of it.

It will all come together in a 1.5 hour Yin yoga practice, where we get to feel an explore the deep and profound practice that Yin is as well as understanding how we, with this knowledge that Mysan will share, and the understanding of each Yin postures physical purpose, will serve the lymphatic system as we simultaneously exercise our joints and nourish our fascia. When the fascia system and the lymphatic system are in flow, we thrive.


1.5 hour Lung meets Yin info chat and techniques, Q&A 1/.5 hour Yin practice to put what we have learnt/ discussed into practice


We are born great breathers. Then as life unfurls, we start to forget how to breathe. Most of us humans breathe very poorly and inefficiently. Actually, we are often over-breathers! Yes there is such a thing and it’s not a good thing!

Somewhere along the way of life we have forgotten how to breathe naturally and created a way of breathing that is biomechanically hard work and less potent.

To re-learn, or remember, how to breathe and therefore being able to utilize the correct biogases for optimal uptake and send out of oxygen is a great and life changing adventure.

In this workshop we will explore the biomechanics of breath, gain understanding of the biochemistry and biogases of our respiratory system and learn about the importance that our tongue has in it all!

Breathing correctly has the ability to change our body and Being, from posture to energy levels and stamina. It will aid detoxification, anti-inflammation, your cells happiness, brain fog and more.

Learn simple ways and practices to bring home with you to support your breath throughout your day! It will put a spring in your step and clarity to your mind.

We will take the lung and breath knowledge into our Yin practice and allow the Yin practice to support our respiratory system, our oxygen flow and uptake. Have you ever experienced a Yin practice for your lungs? A practice that stimulates the actual organ. And what does that even mean? Join us to find out!

Bringing Yin, lymph and lung practices together is a game changer that enhances life flow, health and joy! When our body doesn’t need to fight so hard towards homeostasis, we automatically have more optimism and happiness.

Yin + lymph + lung = flow, jive, thrive!