Neutral Pelvis + Neutral Spine w/ Amy Coghlan

SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2019 | 11:30am – 2pm | $60 | BOOK HERE

Join Amy Coghlan for 2.5 hours of intelligent & specific asana & drills that focus strongly on the muscles needed to support neutral pelvis + spine, the workshop will include:

-education of what optimal & safe alignment for YOUR body truly is

-drills to strengthen the entire core + glutes (think the entire trunk)

-instruction of what body parts need to lengthen or strengthen in your body

-a practice that targets back injury/pain prevention, knowledge on pelvic alignment & improves posture

Regardless if you sit all day, you’re a professional athlete, a yogi, or looking to move through life with less ‘pain’ and more mobility, learning to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis is a huge priority.

Who is this for?

+ Those looking to advance their asana

+ People who are wondering why they have constant aches or pain in hips or back

+ Students looking for more functional mobility + strength rather than just passive stretching

+ a wide audience ie yoga practitioners, athletes, post-partum or anyone breathing

You’ll walk away with:

+ efficient and optimal movement patterns and therefore less energy expenditure

+ strong core + strong glutes = happy spine + happy hips

+ proper capacity to breathe, therefore a more relaxed nervous system

+ learn to move through life with a core like a chunk of steel rather than a wet noodle

+ be a container for vibrant energy and feel JOYFUL in your own body

+ a gateway to advancing your asana toward arm balances, inversions & backbends

11:30am – 2pm | $60 per workshop or $100 x 2 Workshops