Friday April 5th2019 | 7:45-9pm (New Moon) | $35 *early bird before 27/03/2019 | $40 Full


Here lies a unique opportunity to join Eva on a journey through sacred sound and to travel deeper into a layer of self on the evening of the dark moon…. a time that urges us to move inward, a time that beckons us into quiet contemplation, a time of deep introspective to ponder and observe this phenomena called life.


In this Sacred Sound Immersion you will be safely guided and transported into a powerful and deep state of vibrating sound waves through the use of various musical instruments.  The vibration of sound helps penetrate deep into the cellular structure as a way to shift and release stagnant or blocked energy in the nadis or meridians (energetic channels or pathways in the body) which may become blocked due to our limiting thoughts, belief systems, lifestyle and environment.

A true gift for the soul

  • Please bring a blanket and cushion or anything that might enhance your comfort for the duration of the immersion.
  • There will be some gentle floor based movement
  • Sound will be played around you and with your permission singing bowls may be placed on your body