Is Pure Hot Yoga a good form of exercise?

Hot Yoga is recognized all around the world as a great activity which not only exercises the body but also the mind. Life in the twenty first century, is competitive, stressful and both physically and mentally taxing, therefore it is essential to find a physical activity which not only keeps the body fit but also calms the mind and keeps the stress levels under control. The modern man has rediscovered Hot Yoga, one discipline which takes care of both mind and body. This explains the sudden spurt of popularity of Hot Yoga. In Australia alone, a substantial number of men and women practice Hot Yoga. Another strange thing is that there are more women than men practitioners of Hot Yoga. There is not one comprehensive discipline. There are a number of types and styles of Yoga. Some of the different styles are ‘Hatha Yoga’ which contains physical poses and breath control, and (Bikram Yoga) Pure Hot Yoga (Original) which teaches twenty six different postures and 2 types of different breathing exercises. Then there is ‘Iyengar Yoga,’ named after a famous Yoga practitioner who has his own style of poses and breathing exercise. Another type of Yoga is called ‘Raja Yoga,’ or king of yoga which teaches how to balance the mind and emotions. Then there is ‘Prenatal Yoga,’ meant for expecting mothers to help them exercise their minds and body and prepare them for the coming motherhood. Another type is called, ‘Karma Yoga’, this teaches the practitioners how to synchronize their actions with spiritual practice to achieve the higher goal of moving away from ego and selfish actions. These are some of the important styles practiced and taught by earnest men and women who genuinely believe that this discipline helps people to reduce their stress level and live a peaceful and healthy life. Yoga is very flexible it can either be practiced only as a ‘physical exercise’ or a mental discipline to attain spirituality. There are no hard or fast rules, individuals can form their own goals and follow them through yoga practice.

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