Yoga is my jam! I find it difficult to put into words but it is where I feel most like me! Without the comparisons, judgement, expectations, pressure, worries or hurries. It’s where I feel my most authentic self. It is where I know I am meant to be.
I’ve adored experiencing the changes in my yoga as my life ebb and flows. Through sickness, injury, grief, Pre and post pregnancy. Yoga has been the one consistency to keep my feet on the ground and my heart full.
Of course I love to get bendy and sweaty on my yoga mat but I mostly love the peace, perspective and love that magically yet naturally comes when I practice yoga. I’m a bit of a yoga and health nerd and love sharing what I learn when I teach. I love encouraging others to peel back the layers to allow themselves to experience their very own authentic yoga experience. Just the real stuff.
When I’m not on my mat I’m usually designing or gazing at some sort of beautiful art. Or listening to cool music. Or eating chocolate. Or drinking chai. Or smoothies. Cliche huh?! If we aren’t at a music festival, or exploring some local bush walks I’m usually chasing my two toddlers around the sand as we breathe and play in the ocean air every day. Our life is what we make it. Mine is pretty cool! I bet yours is too! So stop and soak it all in. x