The Yin and Sound Experience w/ Eva

WHEN: Saturday 29th Feb 2020          (Leap Year 2+9=11=2)  

TIME: 7pm- 9pm



On this auspicious day that occurs once every 4 years, which in numerology hold significant spiritual significance in our evolutionary awakening, we will come together for an evening of deep restoration, recalibration and rejuvenation through a Yin and Sound Experience.

Eva will nurture you through this experience which will consist of gentle yin postures that will be held for a sufficient amount of time to allow for vibrational sound-waves created by various instruments to be experienced deep within the core of your cellular structure.  Whilst the body and mind are clear, open conduits, and the energy/chi/prana is flowing, theses sound waves further assist in the release of energetic blocks caused by human conditioned patterning, programming and learnt behaviors…..  Or simply put, come in, let go and be transported into a blissful state of stillness and vast open space.

*No prior experience required

*Bolsters and props provided

*Please feel free to bring along a blanket, cushion, eye-pillow, crystals or other sentimental items to keep beside you. You might even wish to bring a loved one, friend or family member to share in this experience.

Blessings Eva