Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)

Pure Hot Yoga Pose Benefits:

Strengthens the arms and core, improves balance.

Pure Hot Yoga Step by Step:

1) Come into downward facing dog, with the hands about a foot away from the wall.
2) Walk the feet in closer to the hands, bringing the shoulders closer to the wall.
3) Bend one knee and kick up with the other leg, bringing the heels to the wall over your head.
4) Practice taking the heels off the wall and balancing.
5) Bring one leg down at a time and rest before trying to kick up with the opposite leg so you stay balanced.

Pure Hot Yoga Beginners:

This is an advanced pose. Beginners can work on kicking up but should exercise caution and patience.

Pure Hot Yoga Advanced:

Work on taking the pose away from the wall. Also try bringing the legs up and down simultaneously with control.